Steps for office cleaning

What is the role of cleaning your offices in the performance of your business? Has the question ever crossed your mind? Certainly, expanding its clientele, managing its accounts well, and establishing an effective communication strategy, no manager can doubt that all these actions positively influence their turnover. But the link between “office cleaning” and “turnover” seems less obvious.

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However, the reflection that your premises see your partners determines the image they have of your entity. Therefore, it is important to take care of it in the same way as your marketing campaign to win new customers. How is cleaning carried out by a maintenance company carried out as soon as you choose one. This is the question this article answers.

Delimit the scope of the cleaning agent’s intervention

To most effectively benefit from the office cleaning company, you must begin by identifying your needs. This step allows you to identify all the spaces that require much more than the wipe of your employees to gain cleanliness. In order to conduct a comprehensive review of your business needs, involve your workers.

A practical way to do this phase is to get your employees to come up with a list of things to do to make their work environment healthy and boost their productivity. Sketched out in a determined space of time, one day, for example, this process offers very good results. The collaborator enters a role play where he becomes an actor that he observes himself. The goal? Pay attention for 24 hours to all areas in need of maintenance.

Once the wishes of all your agents have been collected, make a summary that you will bring to the attention of the cleaning company.

Establish specifications for office cleaning

Before sending its technicians to your premises, the professional cleaning company will seek to inquire about your needs. A few discussions with its representatives will allow you to tell them the services you wish to benefit from. This is when you will measure the importance of the document produced in the previous step.

Here, it is a question of mentioning all the tasks in the specifications which will fix the constraints to be taken into account by the professional. The document can be organized around major actions: dusting, washing, emptying, window washing, etc. Each chapter will indicate the different objects or spaces where the task concerned will have to be carried out. With this booklet, you prevent all forms of disputes that may arise from the poor performance of the work.

Choose the period most favorable to the passage of the cleaning agent

One aspect to consider in order to benefit from the expertise of a cleaning company is to clearly define the time of passage of the teams. Most companies opt for an early morning office cleaning before working hours. Does this arrangement suit your structure? If so, it is because certain members of your staff will have to be assigned to the reception of the cleaners to facilitate them in accomplishing their work.

The organization in some companies favors a transition to the closure of offices. In this case, the company receiving the cleaning service must arrange to allow free access to the premises. A weekend intervention is also possible. It all depends on the clauses formulated in the maintenance contract.

Cleaning techniques applied in offices

Whether it is a daily cleaning or a mission carried out over a longer period, in the morning or in the evening, your cleaning company adopts techniques adapted to each type of operation. Thus, washing windows does not involve the same tools as cleaning rugs and carpets. The same goes for emptying garbage cans. While detergents may be necessary in sanitizing sanitary facilities, we will be satisfied with a cloth for certain dustings.

Remember that your professional cleaner offers a wide variety of cleaning types to ensure full maintenance of your offices. Depending on the specifications of your business, you can benefit from tailor-made support that takes into account the specific needs of your premises, in particular standards relating to hygiene in hotels.

In conclusion

Having your offices cleaned by a specialized company goes through several stages. The targeting of needs, the drafting of the specifications, the determination of the period of the passages, these are the essential steps to benefit from professional intervention.

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